Student Fearnhill Flyers

At Fearnhill, we encourage our students to be independent learners, critical thinkers, and to have high aspirations.  The Fearnhill Flyers programme is designed to support and encourage students who are attaining highly – meaning students who show that they are passionate and motivated.  The Super Curriculum has been designed to support you in this, with a wide range of challenges across different subjects for you to complete in your own time.  These will help you to become more aware of the world around you, build your confidence, and show us that you intend to succeed.  If you complete all the ‘Flying’ challenges in any subject, you will be put forward to join the Fearnhill Flyers programme.  We hope you find the challenges enjoyable and wish you good luck.

Free Super Curriculum resources.

What to read, see, listen and to do.

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Fearnhill’s Super Curriculum is open to all our students.  Each challenge completed helps our young people to become more aware of the world around them.
This blog showcases the wonderful work they’ve done.