Events Operations – Level 2

Events Operations is an exciting qualification teaching real practical skills for the future.  It is a unique subject that you don’t often see offered in the school environment and sparks interests that the students didn’t know they had.

Events Operations consists of 3 units:

1 exam based unit

2 coursework based units

The purpose of Unit 1, the exam based unit, is for learners to use their newly gained knowledge and understanding of the events industry to demonstrate how people work together within the sector ensuring laws, safety and working conditions are all adhered to.  Students will learn about the different types of events within the industry, be able to describe the activities involved in planning events and demonstrate risk management in all areas.  This all culminates in a 90 minute exam.

The two coursework based units give our students the opportunity to put all their knowledge into practice.  The joy of the course, being a vocational one, is that students are rewarded when executing practical application of information and skills well.  The first coursework task focuses on the students actually putting on an event of their choice, working as a team to plan, risk assess, market, host and review the whole process from start to finish.  The second coursework task focuses on the planning of a hypothetical large fundraising event and the impact of good management, tight book keeping and excellent customer service during an event.

Students really enjoy this course due to the practical elements, the links with other subjects, such as Business, Catering, Economics and lots of PSHE elements, and the opportunities it opens up for them.