Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Fearnhill School believes that student work ethic, performance, achievement and preparation for a lifetime of success may be positively affected by professional appearance. The dress code defines consistent parameters of 6th form student dress and provides a basis for determining appropriateness in order to maintain dignity and respect from fellow students and the rest of the school community.

The manner and dress of students in the sixth form should be a smart professional appearance.  Cleanliness and neatness are expected at all times, setting an example for the younger pupils.

The dress code for our students is as follows


  • Knee length skirt worn with a blouse or smart top
  • Knee length dress (may be worn with leggings underneath)
  • Cardigans / Jumpers
  • Blazer
  • Smart Trousers


  • Trousers with a shirt and tie
  • Jumpers with no hood
  • Cardigan
  • Suit
  • Jacket/Blazer

Please remove your outdoor coat on arrival to school.
Coat pegs and lockers will be available to students to store their coats during the school day.
Trainers, plimsolls, deck shoes, DM or military appearance/lace up boots and flip flops are not acceptable.
One discreet facial piercing (small stud) is permitted and therefore others must be removed or appropriately covered.
Vivid coloured hair is also not acceptable within the sixth form.
The following are examples of unacceptable items of clothing:
Overly tight or revealing clothes – including mini-skirts, revealing or see-through clothing.