Business Studies

A Level

At sixth form you have the option to study either A Level Business BTEC or Business. The course content is similar, but the assessment differs (see below).


The A-level Business course introduces you to all you need to know about working in business. You will experience detailed classroom teaching, supported by practicable work based experiences with local businesses (through work experience).  This has a focus on helping you to become a good decision-maker and you will learn essential managerial skills, alongside techniques to help you become an analytical problem-solver. These skills are all highly sought after and valued in a wide range of careers.


A minimum requirement of grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics and, if studied, 5 grade in Business, is highly recommended in order to apply your knowledge and understanding at this level.
You will develop the skills needed to flourish in business, as well as the academic experience to progress to Higher Education.

The content of the A level Business is designed to be:

  • Demanding, through internationally benchmarked standards, encouraging deep learning and measuring higher-order skills.
  • Rigorous, through setting and maintaining standards over time, developing reliable and valid assessment tasks and processes, and generating confidence in end users of the knowledge, skills and competencies of certified students.
  • Inclusive, through conceptualising learning as continuous, recognising that students develop at different rates and have different learning needs, and focusing on progression
  • Empowering, through promoting the development of transferable skills.


A level business is made up of 4 different themes:

Theme 1: Marketing and People

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

Theme 3: Business Decisions and Strategy

Theme 4: Global Business


Business is adaptable to most degree programmes. By studying Business, you will be able to define and assess achievement of your knowledge, skills and understanding which will be needed if you plan to progress to undergraduate study at a UK higher education establishment, particularly (although not only) in the same subject area. For example:

  • Business management
  • Business administration
  • Accountancy and Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Tourism Management
  • International business
  • Law


There will be three external written exam papers:

Paper 1: Marketing, people and global businesses (9BS0/01): Questions will be drawn from Themes 1 and 4, and from local, national and global contexts.

Paper 2: Business activities, decisions and strategy (9BS0/02): Questions will be drawn from Themes 2 and 3, and from local, national and global contexts.

Paper 3: Investigating business in a competitive environment (9BS0/03): Paper 3 will assess content across all four themes. A pre-released context document will be issued prior to the exam to help you research and apply your knowledge in a broader context.

BTEC Level 3

Alternatively, students can choose to study Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business. This is made up of two external assessments (one exam and the other controlled assessment) and two separate units of course work.


Business Studies Bridging Project