Vision & Ethos

The educational vision at Fearnhill is rooted in the belief that ability is not fixed from birth and everyone can learn and progress more than they believe possible. We place a strong emphasis on building our students’ belief in themselves and their potential. The way this vision is made a reality is through our focus on high expectations for all, continual challenge in learning, a culture of aspiration and the celebration of success. This is made possible on a daily basis by strong, cooperative relationships and communication at all levels in the school. We are a community where everyone is valued for what they can bring and accepted for who they are. We aim to educate the whole person, hence our emphasis on involvement in extracurricular activities as an expectation for every student, to help build the personal qualities and attributes that lead to success in adult life, alongside high academic standards. This vision helps us to grow ‘The Fearnhill Student’ – a young person ready to take their place in a challenging and complex world because of their understanding of themselves and others.