The Fearnhill Student

At Fearnhill School the curriculum is led by our vision of the ‘Fearnhill Student’, a young person equipped with the knowledge, skills and personal attributes needed to succeed in an ever changing, challenging world. This means that every aspect of school life contributes to their development; experiences both inside and outside the classroom promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth. Our holistic view of education includes enrichment activities as well as timetabled subjects. All students at Fearnhill are expected to engage with extracurricular activities and contribute to the school and wider community. We seek to grow young people with a strong sense of themselves and their place as citizens in modern Britain, engaged with their community at a local, national and global level.

As a community we have identified the qualities we see in Fearnhill students every day.

A Fearnhill Student is:

  • Ambitious and optimistic
  • Someone who enjoys challenge
  • Hard working
  • A leader
  • Resilient
  • Confident
  • Kind
  • Outward facing and aware of the world
  • A team player

Our vision informs our policies and practices around every aspect of the curriculum, including assemblies, house events, trips, sporting activities, clubs and other community time.

“Teachers work hard to make the lessons exciting. They are always challenging but in an enjoyable way. The staff really go the extra mile to make sure you have understood.”