“When words fail, music speaks.”

At Fearnhill, we believe in providing opportunities and experiences for all students to get involved with different styles and types of musics from around the world and through the ages.


Units include Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Pulse, Instruments of the Orchestra, Form and Structure, Performance Masterclass and Film/Cartoon Music


Units include Blues, Reggae, West African Drumming, Garage Band Composition and Samba!


Units include Film Music, Ukulele Project, Rap and Hip Hop, Band Factor and Club Dance music.

YEAR 10 & 11

Do you enjoy performing music, on your own or in groups?  Do you like making up your own music? Do you enjoy listening to different types of music?  If you can answer ‘Yes!’ to these questions, then the GCSE Music course may be for you!  We study the Edexcel syllabus which combines Performing (30%), Composing (30%) and Listening/Appraising (40%).  For the exam we study 8 pieces including Killer Queen, Star Wars, Defying Gravity and Beethoven.

YEAR 12 & 13

There are two paths of study for music at Post 16.  You can study A-level Music (Edexcel) which combines Performing (30%), Composing (30%) and Listening/Appraising (40%).  Students study 12 pieces in depth ranging from Baroque to modern day rock and hiphop/jazz.  Students learn how to analyse a piece of music (both familiar and unfamiliar) and how to compose for a set brief.  You will also submit a performance recital which should be grade 7 standard or above.  There is also the BTEC Performing Arts Level 3 option which combines music and drama.  Students here explore what it means to be a performer, investigate a practitioner, create a group performance to a stimulus and deliver workshops and learn new performance skills.


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Fearnhill Voices (Tuesday lunch), Brass Band (Thursday after school), Ukulele club (Friday lunch).  We are proud to offer students at Fearnhill the opportunity to experience various musical and theatrical shows.  During the coming year, there will be trips to both local and London based musicals and concerts for students to attend and broaden their musical experiences.  Finally, for KS4 and 5 students, we have Musical Theory Support running on Monday’s after school – to help you read music better, analyse scores and to generally improve your ability and confidence in the music exams.


  • Can I pay for instrumental lessons?
    Yes – we provide instrumental lessons from Herts Music Service.  Funding is available for students on free school meals or pupil premium.