Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs K Cross

Subject Leader

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” Charlemagne

The Modern Foreign Languages department is dedicated to offering our students Spanish and French at all key stages of the curriculum and the opportunity to extend their proficiency in the chosen language to the highest possible level. In current times we value the importance of learning a foreign language in our school curriculum as it helps to shape personal qualities and abilities in all our students.


All students in Year 7 will be allocated either Spanish or French, consolidating and extending any prior knowledge from KS2. This will include topics such as relationships and family, my town, free time activities, my studies and customs and festivals.


All students continue their study of their allocated language, engaging with new topics and consolidating and communicating in different tenses This will include topics such as my life at school, travel and tourism, Education post-16 and social issues.


All students continue their study of their allocated language, extending topic areas and communicating in a range of tenses. This will include topics such as global issues, wider social issues and career choices and ambitions.

YEAR 10 & 11

It is highly recommended that all students continue with their allocated language at GCSE level. The KS4 courses build upon the knowledge and skills acquired at KS3 and students have the opportunity to sit the final GCSE examination at either Foundation or Higher tier.

We follow the AQA specification. Students will learn to communicate effectively through listening, speaking, reading and writing, and through understanding how each language is constructed. Students will make use of books, music and films in the target language.

YEAR 12 & 13

We offer the opportunity to study French & Spanish at AS/A2 level as part of the Letchworth Sixth Form Consortium. Students build on the skills and knowledge from GCSE allowing students to discuss and debate contemporary social issues at an advanced level in the target language.

The A2 curriculum has a broad content covering current affairs and includes cultural topics through the study of a book and a film. Students work closely with teachers to improve their speaking and listening skills.


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Lunch time revision sessions are available and there is a Languages After School Club. Past trips include: Christmas Market to Lille, cultural trips to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.