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Roshan Hunt – Head of Library

The Library & LRC is at the heart of Fearnhill School. Students can use the Library before school, at break, during lunchtime and after school Monday to Thursday until 4pm (3.15pm on Fridays).

The welcoming environment offered to students and staff ensures that the Library is always busy.


All students and staff are members of the Library and may borrow books and other resources.

Years 7–11 may use the Library at break, lunchtime and after school for study, recreational reading, borrowing books, using the computers and playing board games.

All key stage 3 classes have a regular timetabled Accelerated Reader lesson in the Library to enable them to choose books, enjoy a period of silent reading and to encourage reading for pleasure.

The full Library policy can be viewed here

The Sixth Form may use the Library throughout the day for private study.


We have over 9,000 resources to choose from.
We aim to meet the needs of students by providing books, magazines, computers and electronic resources that support the curriculum and encourage reading and research for study and pleasure.

The Fiction area contains a large collection of books especially chosen to appeal to students of all ages, interests and abilities, from the latest in teen and young adult fiction to the established classics. Library staff are on hand to provide suggestions and advice with the choice of books. There are recommended reading lists by year group at  We have many of these books in the Library and you can check their availability on our Eclipse Library catalogue – see below.  If we do not have the book, you are welcome to suggest its purchase to Mrs Hunt.

The Non-Fiction area has a collection of books and other resources such as journals and magazines. Students often visit the library as a class to do research and extend their information handling skills. The Non-Fiction collection comprises many books which may be borrowed for study or pleasure.

A quiet corner of the LRC is also a popular place for staff working with a small group of students. Book boxes can be provided for use in the classroom.


At school, at home, wherever you are

The Eclipse library catalogue enables users to search for items in Fearnhill School library from any computer with internet access. The catalogue can be found here.


All books and resources borrowed from the library must be properly issued at the Library staff desk.

Students may borrow up to 2 books at a time and may renew them if they are not required by another borrower. Students are responsible for returning or renewing their books by the return date which is usually in 2 weeks time.

Reminders for overdue books are sent weekly. Students who fail to return books after 3 reminders have a message sent home to their parents requesting the return of the book or payment for the cost of replacement. If items are still outstanding 7 days after this message, then students will no longer be permitted to borrow books from the Library. An exception is made for books required by the Accelerated Reader programme.

The library stock is constantly being added to and library staff are always pleased to consider requests for books that the library does not have.

Books on loan to other students may be reserved.


You can also download the iMLS app – no password required, just search for Fearnhill and login as a guest. 

The Library has 8 computers with Internet access. At morning break, these can be booked for use during either the first half of lunch (1.10-1.35pm) or the second half of lunch (1.35-2.00pm) that same day.

The Library computers must not be used for games or chat rooms. All students must follow the school Code of Conduct for using computers.


Photocopying and colour printing facilities are available.


Students are permitted to play board games in the Library at break and at lunchtime. Chess is very popular, as is Bananagrams and Scrabble. Join us for a game, there is always someone to play with!
On Fridays we host a Chess Simul, whereby one student plays up to six games of chess simultaneously!

Accelerated Reader (AR)

OECD research (2002) shows that reading for pleasure is more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.  Fearnhill School strongly encourages reading for pleasure and we support this by following the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.

The English department and Library use AR’s Star Test every term to assess a student’s reading level. We use the results to assign students a colour-coded range that they use as a guide to check books on our shelves that are most appropriate for them to read without frustration.

Students should take a quiz within 48 hours of finishing reading a book within their level.  They can take a quiz on  school PCs by going to Start > All programs > English > Accelerated Reader.

To find out if your books at home or from another library have an AR quiz go to

Parents can track their child’s progress on Accelerated Reader at

If you would like to receive emails showing your child’s quiz or test results, click the Email Setup link in Renaissance Home Connect and follow the directions.

To be sure these emails reach your inbox, add to your address book.


The Library hosts author visits and participates in author web chats.

In May 2017 we won a bookshop spending spree thanks to the Siobhan Dowd Trust.

In Autumn 2017 and again in Autumn 2018, Renaissance awarded Fearnhill winner in the Most Creative Reading Celebration category at an event at the National Theatre on London’s South Bank.

In July 2017, the Foyle Foundation awarded Fearnhill a grant of £5,500 specifically for Library books and resources.

North Herts School Librarians

The Library is part of the North Herts School Librarians’ Group which hosts an annual event involving students from 10 local schools. Students review a selection of shortlisted books and vote for a winner.
Fearnhill hosted this event on 20th March 2019.  Lucy Adlington, author of The Red Ribbon (which won the older category in 2018) spoke at the event.

More information can be found here.

In The News

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