Ms C Brown

Head of Inclusion

“Inclusion is for everybody.”

We value all students equally and encourage them to become independent learners across all areas of their life as they progress through Fearnhill School. All staff at Fearnhill School are committed to creating a nurturing educational environment in which students are supported to achieve and progress in their individual goals and targets. Staff across the school are supported in their work by receiving regular training in various aspects of inclusion: they use a wide range of strategies both in and outside the classroom to support all students.

In the school a particular focus is placed on the importance of early support in literacy and numeracy and to enable this, the school employs specialist intervention teachers in both English and Mathematics.  In addition each Faculty has specialist Intervention Leaders and Intervention Assistants who work alongside the teachers, and with small groups to support all students to make the progress they deserve.  If a student is struggling in lessons, we have the Inclusion Base with is staffed by experienced SEND specialists.  Here we provide a quiet, calm place where students can take some time to regroup and then, if appropriate, we support them in reintegrating them into the lesson.  We are committed to our school being a safe and inclusive place where learning is nurtured and confidence and self-esteem is grown in a happy, caring and stimulating environment.


Every day during break and lunchtime, members of the Inclusion team run a social group for students who perhaps welcome quieter, more structured environment during free time.  All students are welcome to participate in a range of activities including: board and card games, crafts, listening to music, using the computers to complete homework or just to have some friendly faces to talk to.


At Fearnhill School, high attainment is celebrated and students are encouraged to stretch themselves to the best of their ability.  We ensure that students who excel in any area of school life are recognised and encouraged to develop their full potential.  The Fearnhill Flyers programme is targeted at students who are currently attaining highly for their age, or who we believe show the aptitude and potential to do so.  To support our students on their journey to academic success, we have a working relationship with Balliol College, Oxford University.  This partnership enables us to take advantage of their expertise and support including subject-specific workshops, university trips and taster sessions, help with personal statements, entrance exams and university interviews, as well as parent-focused support.  To this end, we have put together a Super Curriculum for each year group, with challenges in each subject designed to inspire, motivate and build passion for and confidence in learning.  Students who complete the ‘Flying’ challenges in any subject will be put forward to join the Fearnhill Flyers programme.

Free Super Curriculum resources.

What to read, see, listen and to do.

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Please read our SEND policy here.