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School Uniform



School Uniform for years 7-11


Male Students
  • White shirt
    Clip on House Tie*
  • Black trousers- polyester/polyester mix
  • Black blazer  – with school Logo badge*
  • Black shoes, leather. NO trainers/plimsolls/boots
  • Socks Black/grey
  • Black V-Necked pullover (Optional)









Female Students
  • White shirt
    Clip on House tie*
  • Plain black skirt with school bage* or Straight leg trousers [not skin tight], no split in trouser leg. Polyester/polyester mix. No additions to trousers (such as chain belts, buckles or lacing, labels)
  • Black blazer  – with school Logo badge*
  • Shoes Black, leather, low heels. NO trainers/plimsolls/high boots
    No “kitten” heels
  • Black/grey socks with trousers
    White socks, Black/Neutral tights with skirts
  • Black V-Necked pullover (Optional)

More information about the uniform suppliers


  The Do’s and Don’ts of uniform can be found here


All uniform MUST be properly labelled. Please note: If in any doubt whether something is appropriate or not, please contact the school for clarification.
  • Long hair must be secured to prevent accidents
  • No Make- up/no nail polish/no acrylic nails etc.
  • No Patterns/Letters to be shaved into the scalp
  • No brightly dyed hair
  • No cord or cotton material for trousers/skirts
  • Only stud earrings allowed – one per ear
  • No other piercing whatsoever
  • If a belt needs to be worn, it must be a plain black belt
  • No other jewellery except a Kara of reasonable size for practising Sikhs