Fearnhill Flyers

At Fearnhill School, high attainment is celebrated and students are encouraged to stretch themselves to the best of their ability.  We ensure that students who excel in any area of school life are recognised and encouraged to develop their full potential.  The Fearnhill Flyers programme is targeted at students who are currently attaining highly for their age, or who we believe show the aptitude and potential to do so.  To support our students on their journey to academic success, we have a working relationship with Balliol College, Oxford University.  This partnership enables us to take advantage of their expertise and support including subject-specific workshops, university trips and taster sessions, help with personal statements, entrance exams and university interviews, as well as parent-focused support.  To this end, we have put together a Super Curriculum for each year group, with challenges in each subject designed to inspire, motivate and build passion for and confidence in learning.  Students who complete the ‘Flying’ challenges in any subject will be put forward to join the Fearnhill Flyers programme.

Free Super Curriculum resources.

What to read, see, listen and to do.

Year 7 Super Curriculum

Year 8 Super Curriculum

Year 9 Super Curriculum

Year 10 Super Curriculum

Year 11 Super Curriculum

Year 12 Super Curriculum

Year 13 Super Curriculum

Fearnhill’s Super Curriculum is open to all our students.  Each challenge completed helps our young people to become more aware of the world around them.
This blog showcases the wonderful work they’ve done.