House System

Running alongside the pastoral year system we have a house system here at Fearnhill School.  It is mainly used for competitions (sports, musical events, competitions such as X-Factor; debates; charity events; collapsed timetable house days organised on the last day of each term).

The purpose of the house system is to encourage healthy competition between the students and to give the opportunity to students of all ages to come together and get to know each other.


  • There are four Houses
  • Each House has a colour associated with it and a member of senior staff as its head.
  • Each student is allocated a House (including Sixth Form students) and will remain it that House throughout their time at the school.
  • Each House has two House Captains (from the Sixth Form Prefect Body).


Head of house – Mrs Nunneley
House colour – Blue
House charity – Herts Young Homeless

More about house name Ebenezer Howard (1850–1928).
Sir Ebenezer Howard OBE, the English founder of the garden city movement, is known for his publication, “Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform, the description of a utopian city in which people live harmoniously together with nature”.


Head of house –  Mr Phillips
House colour – Red
House charity – James Harpur Fund

More about house name Sir Ralph Neville
The first Chairman of the Garden City Association and (until his promotion as a judge) of First Garden City Ltd.


Head of house – Miss Balchin
House colour – Purple
House charity – Jackie’s Dropin

More about the house name Howard D Pearsall
The Fabian and Director of First Garden City Ltd.


Head of house – Mr Spencer
House colour – Yellow
House charity – Crossroads Caring for Carers

More about the house name Sir John Gorst
Manager of Schools at Letchworth following on from the role of Ex-Minister of Education.