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Careers education is an integral part of the PSHCE courses followed by all students.

Through their careers education students are given guidance on self-assessment and self development, target setting,   career exploration and career management.
In Year 7 students begin to explore the world of work and investigate the types of work and options available to them in the future. They are introduced to ‘KUDOS – a careers database they can also access at home.
Year 8 students are involved in the “Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work” day in the Autumn Term. Each student visits the work place with a relative/responsible adult. They have a booklet to fill in and guide them through the day with the aim of recording and sharing their experiences of the world of work when they return to school.
In the spring term, Year 9 students receive individual guidance preparation for subject option choices. Senior staff interview students and parents to ensure they are fully informed about their choices. All students are involved in a “Changes and Choices” Option Day and are introduced to the Careers Database – Fast Tomato. All students can also access this from home.
During Year 10, students are prepared for their week of work experience that takes place in the Spring Term of Year 10. The school’s specialist careers and pastoral staff and members of the Youth Connexions Service guide Year 11 students individually through their post-16 options, entry into the sixth form, employment, training or further education. Students continue their Careers, Education and Guidance programme in the sixth form within their PSHCE lessons.
The Youth Connexions service offers a “drop in” service to all students in Years 9-13. Students can go to the Interview Room on Friday lunchtimes for advice on anything from options, employment, courses in further and higher education to drugs, health or relationships. All students are offered an interview in Year 11 regarding post 16 options.
Visiting speakers, Industrial Mentors, industry days and visits are arranged throughout the year and a comprehensive Youth Connexions Library and a variety of computerised Information Guidance programmes are available on the network for the students to use.
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