Catch Up Funding


The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support Year 7 pupils who did not achieve the “expected standard” — previously a level 4, now a score of 100 — in reading and maths by the time they leave primary school.


For the financial year 2018-2019 the allocation is £10,915.

Intervention and support will be targeted at two groups within each core area, literacy and numeracy. Those pupils who entered Year 7 lower than a level 4 in English or maths, or with a scaled score below 100 and who have therefore not met the national standard.  These pupils will be supported with catch up funding and their progress will be tracked and targeted intervention will be put in place.


Fearnhill received £11,567 of Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Funding in 2017/18.
The school identified the following activities and support which were funded as a result of this Government initiative:

  • 121 and small group English intervention with a dedicated intervention teacher.
  • 121 and small group maths intervention with a dedicated intervention teacher
  • Use of Accelerated Reader in KS3.
  • Introduction of ‘Maths Mastery’ – focuses understanding of basic key skills.
  • ‘TRUGs’ software and intervention to enhance the small group literacy intervention.
  • Further resources for literacy interventions, games, books and software
  • Improve the reading ages of the catch up student cohort by administering a bespoke programme of reading support.
  • Reduced class sizes.
  • Online support and ICT resources eg My Maths, Kerboodle.


The government has removed the need for students to re-sit KS2 tests in Year 7 if they had failed to achieve a good enough level.

English: 16 students had a score below 95 in the KS2 reading or grammar tests.

End of year reports showed 15 making progress in line with expectations and one just below.

Maths : 10 students had a score below 95 in the KS2 maths test.

End of year reports showed all 10 made progress in line with expectations.

Planned 2018 – 2019 spending:

We will continue with the strategies employed, focussing on the specific areas identified from the question level marking of KS2 tests for the individuals, available from the Department for Education.  Additionally, there will be retesting of students at the end of the intervention period for those areas identified on the question level analysis of Analyse School Performance website.